A selection of recent success stories from users of Lostfriends.org.

Please note that surnames have been edited out by Lostfriends.org to preserve anonymity.

Gaynell Sxxxxx [sxxxxx@outlook.com]
23.05.2015 22:29:00
Hello! Yes I did locate my child hood friend! Thank you lost friend for finding my friend!! Sent from my Windows Phone

Meredith Pxxxxx [mxxxxx@cxxxxx.gov]
06.12.2011 19:10:12
My husband was recently reunited with a lost friend that was searching for him. Due to the amazing power of the internet, my brother-in-law saw a posting on Lostfriends.org from John Hxxxxx looking for Robert Pxxxxx and sent it to us. We were unable to access the email address for John, but knowing that he was looking for my husband inspired us to dig deeper. We tracked down John’s parents in the phone book and was able to get John’s phone number. John and my husband, Robert were childhood friends in Florida. Robert moved with his family to Northern Ireland and lost contact with his friends. Thank you friend finder! My husband and John had a wonderful long phone conversation and plan to stay in touch. Very sweet!! Meredith Pxxxxx, MS

Candida Lxxxxxl  [c.lxxxxx@bxx.tv]
30.12.2009 17:28:02
Hi, Through your website My long lost friend Annette was able to find me. Would you please now remove my name from the list? Many thanks, Candida Lxxxxxl

Sxxxxx Cxxxxx [sxxxxx@hotmail.com]
03.04.2009 15:08:54
My name is Sxxxxx Cxxxxx, and I noticed that my details are still on lostfriends.org. They were posted by my friend Prxxxxx Rxxxxx about 3 years ago (I think). We are since back in touch which is great- just goes to show what you'll get when you're bored at work and google your own name! Kind Regards, Sxxxxx Cxxxxx

Nicolette Cxxxxx [njcxxxxx@gmail.com]
28.01.2009 10:49:33
I ran across your website doing a search of my name via Google. Melissa Mxxxxx was looking for me in 2002 on lostfriends.org to be in her wedding. We have since reconnected... I appreciate your website does put people back in touch. Sincerely, Nicolette Cxxxxx

Samuel Txxxxx [s.larxxx@lapxxx.net]
09.07.2008 23:40:04
Many years ago, you help me to remain contact with a girl that I had never seen for more than 13 years. Now, I’ve found her and I thank you a lot for your help. Thanks and regards Samuel Txxxxx

Natasha Lxxxxx [natasha@highxxxxx.com]
03.04.2008 23:49:47
I found my best friend of 20 years through you guys!! I googled myself and found a college pal looking for me so I thought I'd try to find my old best friend on here. Totally worked. We now talk everyday just like old times!! Thanks so much! Natasha

Sharlene Vxxxxx [Petxxxxx@aol.com]
29.07.2007 10:12:54
Thanks for keeping us posted and helping me to locate my nephew, all is well and you can bet I will continue referring your website to others whom are LOST. or not.THANK YOU!!!! best luck for others. Yours Truly, Sharlene Vxxxxx

Christina Cxxxxx [ccxxxxx@klexxxxx.net]
05.03.2007 14:40:27
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. The e-mail does work... I was able to contact her, and she did get in touch. Its been quite a long time since we've talked, so it was great catching up. Thank you so much for operating this site. I'm sure its very helpful to many people. Christina

Richard Dxxxxx [dickdxxxxx@coxxxxx.net]
18.02.2007 05:53:04
My Daughter, Michelle contacted me in December... Thank you for your website...thank you, Richard Dxxxxx

Aina Mxxxxx [ainaxxxxx@yahoo.com]
19.01.2007 19:31:59
Hello, Please, could you remove the lost friend message I sent at the date of 12.03.2006 at 20:07:29". I have found him !!! Thank you so much. One more time : thank you. Best regards Aina Mxxxx

Andrea xxxxx [aobxxxxx@zxxxxx.org ]
17.01.2007 17:40:17
Hello! I am happy to announce that I have found my friend Ivan xxxxx. He has asked me to please remove his name from this search. Can you help me? Andrea xxxxx

Lisa Sxxxx [anjxxxxx@hotmail.com]
11.12.2006 04:45:24
Robert, I have found my friend... actually he found me - thru a friend of his who saw the entry on lostfriends.org! Thank you so much!!! I am constantly promoting your site! Sincerely, Lisa Sxxxx

Nina xxxxxx [MPxxxxx@stxxxco.com]
06.11.2006 18:02:12
OMG! This is awesome. I posted my search on February 24, 2001 and now here November 5, 2006 we connected with each other. I have not seen my friend since 1984 and have not talked with her since the earyly 90's and THANKS to Lostfriends.org we reunited. I can't say thanks enough for the use of your site. I hope many more will contact you and let you know how greatful they are for your site. Nina

Elliott Fxxxxx [towercxxxxx@gmail.com]
23.10.2006 05:50:35
hey..your site works! I found my stepbrother...we grew apart after my father died, and lost each other for over 20 years...I googled myself and your site came up. I came to your site and there he was! I emailed him and now we keep in contact via messenger and telephone calls. Thanks for making this site! Elliott Fxxxxx

Shannon xxxxx [swxxxxx@yahoo.com]
06.09.2006 08:00:27
We have successfully located and made contact w/ my sister Tara xxxxx. I am writing to ask if you would please remove our inquiry. Thank You for Everything! Shannon xxxxx

Texxxxxx [texxxxxx@earthlink.net]
31.08.2006 18:38:05
Just by chance I found that someone was looking for me. I emailed her, and we're now in touch. Thank you.

Sally Anne Txxxxx [sallytxxxxx@hotmail.com]
13.07.2006 14:54:43
Hi I posted on your site last year and last week I got a text message from Zillah herself we have now found each other again and have lots of catching up to do. It will be a while before we meet as they are in Ireland and we are in the UK but I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you for making this possible. One day she got bored at work and for a laugh she decided to Google her name and up you popped. Looking for Zillah xxxxx of Bxxxxx, by sally anne xxxxx formerly xxxxx. THANK YOU XXXXXX

Heather Pxxxxx [heatpxxxxx@aol.com]
03.06.2006 07:29:17
My husband lost contact with an old friend that he was in the Army with over 10 years ago. I had been trying to locate his friend for him to invite to our wedding in 2005. I gave up on the search the month of our wedding. I started searching for him again in May 2006 and found that his mother was looking for my husband for her son. I emailed her and they spoke on the phone yesterday for the first time in 8 years. Thank you so much for helping me reunite my husband with old friends. Heather Pxxxxx

Mark XXXXX [XolouXXXXX@aol.com]
26.04.2006 17:52:09
Thanks u very much for all your help, becasue of the help i recieved from your team, and your website i traced my sister and brother who i have never seen before, it was something that has changed my life forever and i can not put into words how greatful i am for your help. I have just got back from meeting up with my sister, and we are now in constant contact. Thanks again lostfriends.org. Mark

Jay XXXXX [umeXXXXX@yahoo.com>]
21.04.2006 16:41:23
Hi, I found my lost friend with your site. I am so excited. Your site is awesome. Would you please remove my entry at this time. Thanks for the wonderful service. Sincerely, Jay

Karen MXXXXX [karenXXXXX@ntlworld.com]
11.04.2006 01:51:47
have just made contact with my lost friend after 28 years of searching. unfortunately after seeing her name on your site the e-mail she sent to me bounced back to her, however it was a great start. thank you

Anna Sxxxxx [akscxxxxx@libero.it ]
21.02.2006 18:52:00
I have just received a phone call from my friend Jeannine Mxxxxx in Australia with whom I had lost all contact some years ago. I made an entry in Lostfriends which she saw coincidentally last night. When she saw her name she couldn't believe that someone was looking for her and now we have made contact. I wanted to make an entry in Lostfriends to tell the story... Love, Anna

Leslie Axxxxx [ssdxxxxx@netzero.net]
20.02.2006 05:47:00
Hi, I was wondering if you might remove an entry I placed on your website... The name of the person is Kxxxxx, and the reason for the removal is number one, I found him!... It was because of someone finding this entry on your website and emailing me that I found this former friend, and I'm estatic. Thanks, Leslie Axxxxx

Maria Wxxxxx [mariaxxxxx@netspace.net.au]
31.01.2006 13:04:00
Today 30th Jan 2006 I got an email from an old friend I haven't been in contact with since 1993. I entered her details in April last year. A friend of hers 'Googled' her and my entry came up. The friend phoned my friend in Paris and that's how I got the email. I called it a 'message in a virtual bottle' which I threw out into the ether and it was picked up - amazing !! Thank you & keep up the good work. Maria Wxxxxx

Vanessa Sxxxxx [Ivorxxxxx@peoplexx.com]
22.01.2006 22:19:00
I just got the shock of my life when my friend, who I haven't seen for nearly 10 years, sent me an e-mail! Thanks for your service- I don't know what I would have done without it. Vanessa Sxxxxx "Create memories!" -Franz Liszt

David Jxxxxx [MasterMxxxxx@aol.com]
02.12.2005 16:07:00
Hi, I found my daughter finally - her mother had her last name changed - she didnt even know I was her father - And I didnt get the responce from her that I would have like to but... - To anyone else out there that thinks they won't or can't find a loved one, THINK AGAIN ! I know that it is going to take some doing for her to get to know me and me know her, but... Thank you for building this site it helped more then you will ever know ! David Jxxxxx

Donna Mxxxxx [DMxxxxx@xxxxxonline.net]
18.11.2005 23:45:00
I reconnected with my best friend from high school (in the 1970's) after losing touch about 6 years ago. She is in California and I am in Alaska. I was showing a friend how to Google, and put in my maiden name as an example. Your site popped up, and two great friends were reunited within a couple of hours. Thank you from both of us.

Alyssa Sxxxxx [ghp2@txxxxx.net]
10.11.2005 00:03:00
Hi, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your website. I’m a 37 year old woman from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. So far from your website I have reconnected with friends in Australia, Sweden and Houston TX who were all pen pals of mine. The Houston connection was in the last 5 years but the other 2 are ancient! I haven’t spoken with either of those girls since 1985 or so!!! This is wonderful. You have really given me a great gift. Thanks SO much. Alyssa Sxxxxx

Brenda [bcdxxxxx@verizon.net]
02.09.2005 05:23:00
I recently made contact again with a pen pal I had met on vacation over 30 years ago. We corresponded and met again for about 4 or 5 years then lost touch. She was from Canada and I am from the United States. Through your wonderful site, I recieved a lead from someone in Russia who also had met the pen pal I was searching for long ago. She was able to give me info on her that was only about 13 years old including her married name. Shortly thereafter, with much searching, e-mails, and a few kind people who passed the word that I was looking for her, I recieved an astonished e-mail from my old friend and we have been happily catching up ever since! Thank you Lost Friends! Brenda

Gladys [Miginxxxxx@aol.com]
26.08.2005 20:27:00
My name is Gladys. I stumbled on to your site inadvertently. I found my name. I was thrilled to know that someone that I missed very much was looking for me. Thank you!

Ester Axxxx [ester.axxxxx@ntlworld.com]
25.08.2005 16:48:00
Hello It's Ester XXXXX here again, just writing to let you know that my friend and I have found each other once again. So thank you very much for all your help I really can not express how much it means to us both to be back in touch. ... Down to an unfortunate sequence of events we lost touch, now after 13 years thanks to you and your site we have found eachother once again. So once again I Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Forever grateful Ester.

Ester Axxxx [ester.axxxxx@ntlworld.com]
12.08.2005 11:48:00
Hi, My name is Ester. I have been trying to track a lost friend (Severine Bxxxxx formely Severine Mxxxxx), now for quite a while without any luck. I finally decided to enter my name on a search engine rather than hers and hey presto the number one link was to your site with a message that she was looking for me too. I have sent her an e-mail at he address given but I have had no response. Her search for me was posted over a year ago and i'm wondering if she has possibly changed her e-mail address. I have also entered a search for her just in case and whilst doing so noticed that you take home addresses too... I know we would both be truly grateful if you get us back in touch. Please let me know if you can help and I'll forward you all the information you need. Yours hopefully Ester Axxxxx (formerly Ester Wxxxxx)

Grant Bxxxx [fa93xxxx@skynet.be]
27.07.2005 00:09:00
Hello there, Through your site, a very good friend and I are now in contact again after a lapse of approximately 15 years. Thank you for making this possible. Sincerely, Grant

FtrNHxxxxx [FtrNHxxxxx@aol.com]
26.07.2005 15:51:00
Thanks to lost friends I finally heard from my lost friend, Kathy Vanxxxxx, after posting a message on your site in 2003. Her daughter saw the posting about two weeks ago and let her know someone was looking for her. She had been searching for me for the past few years as well. We have talked continually since she first contacted me. It's like we have never been out of touch. Thanks so much!

Sharlene xxxxx [Petxxxxx@aol.com]
11.07.2005 05:11:00
To All of whom may be searching for someone, DON'T GIVE UP!!!! Just wanna say thanks for posting my search for my nephew, he finally called. It turns out he has been calling operators to find my mother and he got our number finally. its great. But just so others out there know, it's only a matter of time, hang in there!!! and thanks again to lostfriends.org! I'll be recommending you to everyone! again THANKS!! Sharlene xxxxx

Ian xxxxx [ianxxxxx@terra.es]
30.06.2005 18:51:00
Hi Robert; You kindly ermailed me on 22 June with details of who'd been looking for me. I finally made contact, and it turned out to be an old schoolchum I haven't spoken to for 44 years! We're in contact now, and looking forward to meeting up again soon! Many thanks, and I shall be reccomending lostfriends wholeheartedly! Kind regards Ian xxxxx

Carolyn xxxxxx [cosmaxxxxx@web.de]
28.06.2005 21:42:00
Dear Robert, Thank-you again for your assistance. After having put his notice in "Looking for Lost Friends" already in about 2002 or so, the E-mail address you sent me did enable me to reach my brother. All the Best with Looking for Lost Friends! Sincerely, Carolyn xxxxxx

Ursula xxxxx []
20.05.2005 11:19:00
YES! I found my friend again after 18 years! It took only 3 months in lostfriends.org to find him last year. Thank you! Ursula xxxxx

Darrell xxxxx [dstxxxxx@xxxxx.ca]
13.05.2005 21:01:00
Hello Just to let you know that I was able to find one of the people I was looking for. Eleanor xxxxx of Victoria BC. Thank you for this web site. Darrell xxxxx Edmonton Alberta

jose [josiexxxxx@hotmail.com]
06.04.2005 02:42:00
Thank you for using your website. An old boyfriend was looking for me and thanks to your website we are now emailing each other often. My name is Jose xxxxx. Thank you so much. Jose.

Lisa xxxxx [lmxxxxx@yahoo.com]
31.03.2005 07:16:00
I posted a message to find an old college friend of mine and she found it. my email was disconnected so I ended up finding her from her reply letter on your site. thank you very much. This site was a great help, and just in time for each other's weddings too!!

Hubert [xxxxx [xxxxx@sbxxxxx.net]]
13.03.2005 16:27:00
friend found me I just wanted to thank you for your site I haven't found my ex-wife & children yet but getting closer thanks to you. 1 friend I'd also been looking for found me on your site, I was over whelmed to say the least. Thank you LOST FRIENDS.ORG in trust Hubert xxxxx

Sceltixxxxx [Sceltixxxxx@aol.com]
26.01.2005 11:44:00
Hi Salim and I made contact, thank you very much! I am pleased to report that I will be visiting him soon, and we have been able to settle everything from the past. I appreciate your site very much! If you would like to remove this post, please feel free to. Sincerely, Susan Xxxxxx

Marc J xxxxx [mpxxxxx@coxxxxxx.net ]
08.01.2005 18:48:00
I am replying back to you about Dawnlyn xxxxx, and i wanted to let you know that i have contacted her and i am so happy ffor meeting her for the first time. Thank you for all your help. Sincerely yours, Marc J xxxxx

edward xxxxx [edwardxxxxx@msn.com ]
28.12.2004 19:20:00
just a short note to say my daughter and i were away from each other for 19 years. she found me this past month just before christmas. we are in touch with other every day either on the phone or the internet. i also now am looking for my lost girl friend from milwaukee. i was young then and didn't know that i would always think of her, and wonder what she is doing. was i stupid. hope it works for me. thank you ed

Khrushchev S. xxxxx  [phantxxxxx@realestatexxxxx.com]
07.12.2004 21:15:00
I've heard a lot about you You prove your worth with your actions, not with your mouth.

Brandy xxxxx [warmacxxxxx@hotmail.com]
06.12.2004 12:15:00
I just wanted to let you know that I have found who I was looking for. It is listed under "Joseph xxxxx". He is my biological father that I have not had contact with for 23 yrs. Well we have been in contact now for a week. The day after Thanksgiving. A early Merry Christmas for my sister and I. Thank you for alllowing me to post the info. Your sight is great. You may remove his name from your list. I am going to enjoy getting to know my new found family. Thanks again, Brandy xxxxx *** GROOVY MAN!!!***

Willie xxxxx [wfeixxxxx@optxxxxx.com.au]
07.10.2004 17:35:00
After 42 years of "lost friend", you helped me locate him. I live in Australia, he in Florida. We meet up in New York this week for a great family and friends reunion. Thank you for making this meeting a success. Best wishes, Wilburt xxxxx Dear Robert, Good idea about letting my local newspaper know about lostfriends. I belong to a computer group and writers association, I will let them know also. I have already extolled the amazing "find" to all those who will lend me the time to listen. Since I have avoided getting on Internet for over ten years I now realize the virtues and wonderful things that happen with this technology. I would have lost a freindship, and in this day and age, those things are becoming more and more precious. Again thank you for your great idea and effort! Willie xxxxx

Angie xxxxx  [parkxxxxxxx@yahoo.com]
03.10.2004 17:23:00
Just wanted to drop you a little thank you note. Because of your website I made contact with my best friend. We had lost contact over 17 years ago when I went to Europe. I listed her on your website approx.1 year ago. I had all but forgotten about it when I received an email from her. We plan to visit each other as soon as possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks again, Angie

Bart xxxxx [Bart xxxxx]
13.09.2004 21:19:00
Hello Robert, Yesterday at 12.09.2004 22:42:29 I posted an announcement on your website lostfriends.org. The good news is that you site works well, because I've had contact with her. Somebody she knew saw the entry and told her. After that she mailed me. Better story is that a couple of months ago I also made contact with my ex girlfriend. She was looking for me and I noticed by entering my own name in Google. As a result google yielded 1 hit for lostfriends.org. We now write Each other regularly. So your site does work!!! Yours sincerely, Bart xxxxx

Raymond Otis xxxxx Sr. [RKillmxxxxx@aol.com]
14.08.2004 19:30:00
Found my kids Thanks to your service, I found my Kids whom I haven't seen in 16 years, I would like to thank you for maintaining this web site and would like to help promote it in any way I can, I would like to add a link to My web site if you don't mind, and promote it in any way that would be helpful. I contacted my kid's through the link in your site and was surprised to find out they were looking for me though I assumed they wanted nothing to do with me I found I was wrong and they are now living with me. Thank you LOSTFRIENDS.ORG We are very grateful yours truly Raymond Otis xxxxx Sr. Raymond Otis xxxxx Jr. Janie Vela xxxxx P.S. Thank you again for making us a very happy family